What if fertility treatment were a vacation?

In Spain - Madrid or Barcelona.
At a clinic on par with top US clinics.
For up to 75% less than the cost in the US.

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Introducing the Ovally Experience


We’ve carefully vetted dozens of clinics for you and selected those on par with top US clinics.

Avoid wait lists and get priority access to start treatment.

All of our doctors speak English.


You don't have to do this alone: We'll guide you through the entire process and provide  support at every step.

We’ll help you plan the trip of a lifetime, combining relaxation and adventure with taking control of your fertility.


Save up to 75% of what you’d pay in the US without sacrificing outcomes or quality of care.

Get special Ovally deals at partner clinics.

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Sarah, 35, DC

"Having Ovally felt like having a very well-informed friend to turn to at every step of the way. It turned egg freezing into a self-empowering adventure."

Gillian, 33,
San Juan, Puerto Rico

"I had been considering egg freezing for years, but was daunted by the cost. Ovally made that feasible for me, but the experience was so much more valuable than I expected. Having a resource other than my doctor that I could go to made an intimidating process so much more pleasant. Compared to friends who did this in the US, I felt like I got substantially better care both physically and psychologically."