About Ovally

Our mission

Ovally's mission is to make fertility treatments more accessible and affordable, and to vastly improve the experience with better information and support. We provide an alternative to overpriced procedures and rushed doctor’s appointments amidst your already packed schedule. We believe there’s no better setting to undergo fertility treatments than a relaxed vacation in beautiful Spain, Italy, or Ireland.

Born out of our founder's own fertility journey

Starting in my 20s, I considered freezing my eggs – I knew I wasn’t ready to have kids anytime soon, was focused on work, hadn’t found the right partner, and saw close friends struggle with fertility issues. However, the cost of $16k for treatment and medications in my city was a major hurdle.

Then I made an unexpected discovery: A friend returned from a trip to Spain, not only raving about her vacation, but also about freezing her eggs at a clinic in Madrid. Unlike other friends who’d frozen their eggs in the US, she didn’t experience stressful 7am appointments, discomfort from highly dosed medications, or a painful recovery. On top of that, she underwent the procedure for a quarter of the price in the US.  

I was surprised to learn that Spain was a global leader in fertility, and Europeans had for years been going there for high-quality treatment. With my friend’s help, my husband and I went on our own fertility journey to Madrid. Over the course of two weeks, we fell completely in love with Spanish food and culture. My treatment progressed smoothly, though was more emotionally challenging than I'd expected. My husband's, my friends', and my doctor's support, as well as extensive research, helped me through periods of uncertainty and anxiety. We now have frozen embryos waiting for us that have given us peace of mind in delaying having kids a little longer. I decided to launch Ovally to help many other women feel supported in every way and have the best possible experience with their fertility treatments.”

Kathy Gerlach, Ph.D.
- Founder & CEO

We designed Ovally to be convenient, caring, and affordable

We designed the Ovally experience to provide you with your own trusted adviser on your fertility journey, and to make it as convenient as possible: We’ve already vetted top clinics with English-speaking doctors for you, and we’ll be there for you before, during, and after your trip with science-based information, guidance, and emotional support. Think of us as your personal fertility coach, clinic matchmaker, and individual travel planner in one. We’re excited for your adventure and hope to be a part of it!

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