Our Partner Clinics

Why Spain for fertility?

Spain has long been a top destination for Europeans seeking fertility treatments due to its inclusive fertility healthcare laws, pioneering fertility research, and depth of experience treating patients at over 300 fertility clinics. Spanish clinics are particularly experienced with treating difficult fertility issues and an older population; many European patients come to Spain after several failed IVF cycles in their home countries. While Spanish standards of care match those of the US, regulations on drug and treatment pricing as part of Spain's universal healthcare system keep costs low. Despite the high standard of care, however, not every Spanish clinic has the outcomes and experience Ovally requires. That's why we have carefully vetted our partner clinics to match top fertility clinics in the US, saving you many hours of research, data analysis, interviews, and site visits.

Our partner clinics' accreditations & awards

Our partner clinics:
- Are accredited by their government's health authority
- Are members of and hold leadership positions at the Assisted Reproduction Registry of the Spanish Fertility Society
- Have been awarded the international ISO 9001 quality management certification
- Have obtained the Top Doctors Certificate of Medical Excellence
- Publish scientific research in collaboration with local and international universities

In-depth clinical vetting

Experience & Patients
- Clinics with over 20 years of experience with IVF, over 10 with egg freezing and egg donation (in case of more recently established clinics that otherwise meet our vetting criteria, we vet the doctors for significant experience)
- English-speaking doctors and experience with international patients
- Experts at treating women with particular fertility challenges, including polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, and diminished ovarian reserve
- Inclusive treatment that does not exclude challenging cases to improve outcomes

Outcomes & Laboratories
- Lab outcomes on par with top US fertility clinics based on FertilityIQ's criteria developed by an independent panel of embryologists to designate "excellent" labs: For instance, on average at least 60% of embryos at our partner clinics survive until the fifth day of development in the lab

- IVF patient success rates that match those of top US clinics, with cumulative live birth rates per cycle as high as:
- ≥60% for women under 35 (Mass. General 61%, RMA NYC 59%, UCSF 49%, UCLA 54%)
- ≥45% for women between 35 and 37 (Mass. General 45%, RMA NYC 44%, UCSF 49%, UCLA 54%)
- ≥30% for women between 38 and 40 (Mass. General 34%, RMA NYC 29%, UCSF 24%, UCLA 35%)
- ≥10% for those over 40 (Mass. General 10%, RMA NYC 10%, UCSF 13%, UCLA 13%)

All of our partner clinics have their outcome data audited by an independent third party and allow the public reporting authority to audit them as well; the above US data are taken from SART.

Facilities & Safety
- Clinics with their own embryology laboratory with several embryologists
- Use of state-of-the-art techniques, including vitrification (fast freezing for significantly better egg and embryo survival) and genetic testing
- Safe on-site storage of frozen eggs, embryos, and sperm with backup safety systems
- Traceability systems that prevent sample mix-up  

Even if a clinic has the experience, outcomes, and accreditations we require, we still inspect their facilities and meet with their healthcare team in person before onboarding them as a partner clinic.

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