The Experience

Your trip to Europe

Combine a trip to Spain with taking care of your fertility - whether that means freezing your eggs or creating your future family through IVF. Come as a solo explorer, take a vacation with your partner, or turn it into a girls’ trip. Meet other members of the Ovally community going through treatment at the same time. Think of it as 80% vacation and 20% fertility treatment: Avoid rushing to doctor's appointments before work or hiding any side effects from coworkers. Instead, enjoy yourself and relax so you're in the best position to receive treatment. Explore Madrid or Barcelona and easily visit other European destinations from there.

Your treatment

Get to know your English-speaking doctor over video chat before beginning your treatment with them in Europe. From your first ultrasound until your egg retrieval or embryo transfer, you’ll see reproductive endocrinologists for regular checkups to make sure you're feeling good, and your eggs are developing well. Most women who undergo follicle stimulation for 7-12 days experience few side effects (particularly if they're relaxed and on vacation!) and are able to travel and sightsee.

How Ovally will take care of you

We’ll be there for you every step of the way as your personal fertility coach, clinic matchmaker, and individual travel planner. From matching you with one of our carefully vetted clinics, to helping you complete fertility tests prior to arriving in Europe, to guiding you through every step of your treatment, your dedicated care team member will provide information and support 7 days a week. As your travel planner, we'll also design a personalized itinerary for your trip that works around your treatment schedule. Ovally offers all of its services to make sure you have the best possible fertility journey - see more details here

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