Empower your team

Ovally's Let's Talk Fertility sessions: 

When it comes to fertility, unscientific myths, fear-mongering, and stigma are still very common. Let's de-stigmatize the conversation around fertility and fertility issues and replace it with science-based information:

Ovally offers educational seminars to empower your team with scientific information and answer their questions about fertility, from hormones to how to improve and test your fertility, to treatments like IVF and egg freezing.

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Ovally's Fertility Benefits

Support and retain your team. Attract new talent. Decrease your healthcare costs in the long run - and don't break the bank now.

We work with vetted fertility clinics across the US. We also provide access to top clinics in Europe, where your support goes further.

Affordable, quality care

Customized coverage

✓ Benefits designed around your budget, with no minimum coverage requirements

✓ No fees for employees who don't use fertility benefits

✓ Clinic partners with top outcomes, both in the US and the EU

✓ Unique access to more affordable providers

✓ Premium support with individual fertility coaching before, during, and after treatment

✓ Benefits designed around your team's needs

✓ Inclusive of employees of all ages, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identity

✓ Straightforward, anonymous reporting so you're always on top of your spend and HIPAA compliant

✓ Transparency around costs, fast reimbursements

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