Sarah, 35, DC

"My friend suggested that I freeze my eggs in Europe because costs are much lower. After doing some research online, I felt overwhelmed by all of the unknown variables - is it safe, will anyone speak English, how long will I be there, where do I even start!? I was ready to give up on the whole idea and just empty my savings account to do the procedure in the US. Then I read about Ovally and reviewed their website. Shortly after, I had a phone call with a fertility coach, and then she took it from there! She matched me with the perfect clinic and even helped me plan my travel! My experience with Ovally was fantastic. They were in touch regularly before, during, and even after the process. Also, I could reach out to them asking even the smallest of questions, and would receive an almost immediate response.

I would not have frozen my eggs in Europe were it not for Ovally and their logistical and emotional support. And that means that I would not have had a magical two-week vacation in Spain while STILL saving thousands of dollars. I believe Ovally realizes that not only is egg freezing a medical procedure, but there is a psychological aspect as well. Having what felt like a very well-informed friend to turn to at every step of the way, turned egg freezing into a self-empowering adventure. "

Gillian, 33, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"I had been considering egg freezing for years, but was daunted by the cost. Ovally made that feasible for me, but the experience was so much more valuable than I expected. Having a resource other than my doctor that I could go to for all my questions (including travel planning!) made an intimidating process so much more pleasant. Compared to friends who did this in the US, I felt like I got substantially better care both physically and psychologically."

Lauren, 35

"I see Ovally's help selecting a clinic as one of the biggest benefits. I’m a bit of a research nerd and I found researching Spanish clinics very time-consuming and stressful. That perk alone strikes me as easily worth the price...I don’t have any friends or family who’ve gone through the process, so it was nice to be able to check in with someone who’s gone through it and helped other women through it. It puts your mind at ease a bit. I’m not a terribly emotionally needy person, but the process was new to me and the needles stressful and having a little extra support was nice. It’s reassuring to have someone in our corner."

Ty, 38

"From the very beginning of the process until after I'd already frozen my eggs, Ovally was just an email or a text away. They helped me find the most affordable options for the tests I had complete at home, helped me with travel logistics, and answered all my questions during treatment. I highly recommend using them - it makes the process so much easier, and I felt really well supported"

Katarina, 30, NYC

"I really enjoyed the service and appreciated the efficient process. Ovally's daily emails during my treatment were super helpful because I knew exactly what to expect. I went through the procedure on my own as I didn't know anyone in Barcelona, so the human aspect of Ovally's daily check-ins made me feel comfortable and at ease."

C., 39, Toronto

"Honestly, my experience with Ovally felt a bit like fate. I was a 39-year-old woman living in Toronto who wanted children but wasn't in a place to have them immediately, and I wasn't sure I could afford what it would cost to freeze my eggs in Canada. I felt overwhelmed by all of the planning and details that would need to go into the whole process, and anxious about the quickly ticking clock. So when I heard about Ovally from a friend, I leapt at the opportunity.

Ovally made simple and comfortable what had seemed complicated and a bit scary. I received really helpful, up-to-date information about the latest approaches and the science behind them, tailored to my personal needs and medical status. The clinic that Ovally connected me to in Spain was professional, accommodating, friendly, and so much less expensive than my other options. Bonus: I got to brush off my Spanish, tour a country steeped with history, eat amazing food, and see phenomenal art and architecture. I am so glad I worked with Ovally, and would recommend them in a heartbeat."

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